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Welcome to the 91pro视频 Mental Health & Well-Being site where you will find:

  • information to learn about mental health,
  • peruse wellness activities and resources,
  • access a list of community agencies for additional support when needed, and
  • discover what HCDSB is doing to support mental wellness within our schools.

The 91pro视频鈥檚 Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy guides our ongoing commitment to support student achievement and well-being in our Catholic schools. Our ongoing priority is to create welcoming, caring, inclusive, safe, and mentally healthy learning environments.

HCDSB remains committed to prioritizing equity as a shared responsibility by centering students鈥 lived experiences and their diversity. We continue to cultivate and further advance: inclusive, culturally responsive, identify affirming, and differentiated services, programs and resources for all learners. 

鈥淲hen identities are affirmed and celebrated, when students feel a sense of belonging, purpose, meaning and hope, they are more likely to feel a strong sense of positive mental health, well-being and connection at school.鈥

School Mental Health Ontario

What is mental health?

鈥淓veryone has mental health. Although everyone鈥檚 understanding of it might change according to their cultural background, it might be helpful to think about mental health as a range or spectrum. On one end is good mental health. On the other, is poor mental health. We all move along this continuum, and all of us struggle with poor mental health at times, depending on what鈥檚 happening in our lives and other factors.

Not everyone has a mental illness. Mental illness, like mental health can fluctuate. On one end of the mental illness continuum is no diagnosable mental illness (minimal or no symptoms). On the other end is severe mental illness. Because of this, mental health and mental illness are actually two separate, but intersecting ideas. It鈥檚 a dual continuum that we all move along.鈥

Gathered from School Mental Health Ontario:

The Dual Continuum of Mental Health


A child can experience mental illness, while also experience mental well-being all at the same time. This means that a child can flourish even with a mental health diagnosis! Many mental health problems are long-standing or have the ability to relapse at a later time. Early intervention and ongoing support is key!

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