Theological Theme

Every 4 years, our HCDSB community introduces a new theological theme to guide our Catholic learning environments, staff, curriculum and faith community. 

On Faith Day 2022, held across all schools and offices in our district on Friday, October 7, 2022, we unveiled the new theological theme ~ 鈥淲hat Does the Lord Ask of You?鈥

Artwork by Sarah Edwards, Student at Christ the King Catholic Secondary School, Georgetown

The theme was chosen as an appropriate follow up to the last theme 鈥 Do You Love Me? We responded to Jesus鈥 question with a resounding yes! -and now, through the words of Micah – God tells us what that should mean in terms of our response. 

After the stresses and separations that we faced collectively as we lived and learned through a global pandemic, the committee felt that the first year our work should focus on rebuilding community, and that the central unifying place for us as Catholics is the Eucharist. This offers an opportunity to reignite our understanding that, when we gather to pray, we are the Body of Christ with Christ as its Head, praying to the Father. Because we believe that we all are children of God, we welcome also those who are not Catholic or are non-Christian in our communities. The following years will focus on JusticeKindness and Walking Humbly, in conjunction with developing greater familiarity with our sacraments, our Church and its place in the world.

A 91pro视频 Prayer to Support Our Theological Theme

Almighty and loving God,
You have created us to love and to participate in the beauty of all creation.

Give us the strength to do justice.
May we walk with Your Son, Jesus, in righteousness,
working toward a world that celebrates the gift of all people,
and building a society rooted in Your truth.
Give us the courage to embrace those who are different from us
and to actively work to be a voice for those who have been hurt and victimized.

Fill our hearts to love kindness.
May we imitate Jesus by showing compassion and forgiveness to our family, friends and foes,
and may we humble ourselves to ask for forgiveness when we need it.
May the love of Jesus live within us,
and allow us to bring peace and kindness into our relationships.

Share with us the grace to walk humbly with You, our God, recognizing all life as gift.
Knowing that we have been loved into creation,
help us to live with a servant鈥檚 heart,
and to trust in You, always.

We ask all this through Jesus, our friend and our Lord.


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