School Transportation

In the event of inclement weather,  determines whether to cancel school transportation. When the decision is made to cancel transportation, it is cancelled for the entire day. 

Know Your Zone

Transportation School Zones
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Zone 1: Burlington & Oakville
Zone 2: Milton
Zone 3: Acton & Georgetown

Closing Schools

In consultation, the Director of Education of the 91pro视频 and the Director of Education of the Halton District School 91pro视频 determine whether to close schools.

NOTE: When schools are closed due to inclement weather, all classes are cancelled. This includes both in-person, and virtual classes (remote learning). Educators in both in-person and virtual learning programs will share asynchronous resources through their digital learning platforms or by other means. No new material will be shared – only review of material that has been previously taught or guidance on ongoing assignments.

In most cases, these decisions are communicated beginning at 6:30 a.m.

Learn More About the Inclement Weather Process

贬颁顿厂叠’蝉听Inclement Weather Information Sheetoutlines the process of determining whether student transportation is cancelled and if schools are closed, due to inclement weather.听

How Will I Know if it’s a Snow Day?

The decision to cancel buses and/or close schools is communicated in the following ways:

91pro视频 Website: (

Our 91pro视频 website is updated as soon as school transportation is cancelled and/or schools are closed due to inclement weather. These updates are made visible at the top of each page of the website. Every effort is made to update the website with this information by 6:30 a.m.

Please note: If an inclement weather update is not posted on the 91pro视频’s website, school transportation and school operations are running as usual.

HCDSB Social Media Channels

School closures and transportation cancellations is shared on 91pro视频 social media accounts:

HSTS Website: ()

All are posted on the HSTS website. You can also subscribe to an to receive transportation notifications.

Television Stations:

CHTV (Morning Show), CITY TV (Breakfast Television), CP 24

FM Radio Stations:

CHFI 98.1 FM, WAVE 94.7 FM, Y108/107.9 FM, 95.3 FRESH FM, 102.9 KLITE FM, CBC/CBLT 99.1 FM, CIMJ 106.1 FM

AM Radio Stations:


Telephone Recording at 91pro视频’s Main Switchboard:

A telephone recording will be provided through our 91pro视频鈥檚 main telephone number: 905-632-6300 or at 1-800-741-8382.

Important Reminders

  • When transportation is cancelled, it is cancelled for the entire day. It is at the discretion of the parent or guardian to send their children to school when transportation is cancelled. If they choose to do so, it is then their responsibility to provide transportation to and from school for their child(ren).
  • Due to housing development in north Burlington and Oakville between Hwy 407 and Dundas Street, the boundary area for bus cancellations and school closures has been changed to include the area south of Hwy 407. The area south of Dundas Street (west of Hwy 407) remains unchanged. Please view map for details.鈥
  • Parents need to pay careful attention to the bus cancellation message if their child travels from one zone to another for a specialized program. If your child travels into a zone where the transportation is cancelled, then there will be NO transportation provided for your child that day. Please view map for details.
  • In the event of transportation cancellations or school closures, each school will advise parents and provide instructions when required regarding the cancellation of any unique activities for their respective school communities (for example: secondary exams, parent information evenings, sports events, etc.).
  • Throughout the day, weather conditions will be monitored to determine whether schools will remain open for after school hours and community use of schools activities. If weather conditions worsen, the notice on the 91pro视频鈥檚 public website will be updated, as appropriate, and the media will be advised of any cancellations of after school hours and community use of schools activities through a public service announcement.
  • As always, it is the parent’s or guardian’s responsibility to decide whether or not to send their children to school on inclement weather days.

For more information, please review 91pro视频 Procedure VI-47 Inclement Weather – Transportation Cancellations and Emergency School Closures. For more information about inclement weather safety, please review our 91pro视频鈥檚 Inclement Weather Safety Procedure鈥.