Boozhoo, tansi, tawnshi, Sh茅:kon, udlukuut,  tungasugitsi, aanii, bonjour, greetings!

The Halton Catholic District School 91pro视频 (HCDSB) is committed to providing equitable, inclusive, and engaging educational opportunities for all students. This commitment is grounded in developing a school and 91pro视频 culture where all persons feel understood, valued and respected.

As part of this commitment, HCDSB acknowledges the significant contributions of Indigenous communities and the importance of embedding First Nation, M茅tis and Inuit history, culture and perspectives in the curriculum taught in our Catholic Schools.

Ontario Ministry of Education Directive

The Ministry of Education has identified ways to improve achievement amongst Indigenous students, and to integrate Indigenous cultures, histories and perspectives throughout the Ontario curriculum. The Ministry鈥檚 outlines this priority.

The sets the foundation for improving achievement amongst Indigenous students in provincially funded schools. The framework supports learning in the early years through post-secondary education.

Through this directive, all HCDSB schools are working to prioritize engaging with Indigenous parents and community partners while supporting the delivery of Indigenous education in an inclusive and equitable manner. It is crucial that First Nation, M茅tis and Inuit histories and perspectives are taught in our Catholic schools so that we can rebuild and reconcile the relationship with Indigenous communities.

Land Acknowledgement

Canada has entered into a period of reconciliation. The findings from the seek to share and address these histories and provide communities with a way forward. The 94 calls to action included in the TRC have informed what is required for our society to engage in reconciliation.

The land that many of us work and live on has a long and complex history of injustice towards Indigenous peoples. Part of the Truth and Reconciliation includes respecting and honouring the treaties and nation-to-nation relationships.

HCDSB in consultation with Indigenous Elders, Knowledge Keepers from Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, Six Nations, the Indigenous Education Advisory Council and the HCDSB Indigenous Education Advisor have created a territorial acknowledgement. Watch the video below!

Voluntary Self-Identification

HCDSB is honoured that Indigenous families continue to participate in self-identification across our school district. We welcome new HCDSB families of Indigenous ancestry to self-identify through a voluntary and confidential process.

A primary focus of offering Indigenous Self-Identification at HCDSB is to provide Indigenous families with the appropriate educational support so that children of Indigenous ancestry can succeed in their academic studies and reach their full potential.

By participating in the self-identification program, parents and families are assisting the 91pro视频 in determining the correct programming and educational support necessary to improve student success.